Self & Peer Assessment

As a student, assessing oneself or others can be difficult at first. I, myself, have difficulty assessing my strengths and weaknesses without being biased. I may overlook some of my negative sides and only highlight my accomplishments, development, or progress. The same goes for making peer assessment. It’s common for me to be too nice during peer-review sessions. Maybe because I am afraid to hurt someone’s feelings or unwillingness to think critically about their work, which often becomes a result of default to vague and unhelpful praise.   

We had this kind of self and peer assessment activity last year in EDS 103. I was very uncomfortable with this final phase of the assignment. Even though our assignment turned out great, we had a rough start. We had some arguments and misunderstandings that made it difficult for us to pick a topic. But we compromised and finished our assignment just in time.   

I was hesitant to submit a self and peer assessment. But I did, anyway. I was surprised by the assessments submitted by my groupmates. It was fair, and they objectively reviewed and listed each of our strengths and weaknesses. And our grades were almost at par with each other. 

Again, for me, self and peer-assessment can be difficult at first, but it becomes easier with time. If students can look at their work, and judge the degree by which it reflects explicitly stated goals, they can assess the quality of their work, and revise it accordingly. 


Photo credit to Ms. Humaties

2 Replies to “Self & Peer Assessment”

  1. Hi Jess! Those were the days, hahaha. Indeed it was rough at first but we made it. No regrets, just lessons.
    By the way, this reflection is similar to mine, and cheers to that. 🙂


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